Car Accident

After an automobile accident, a lot of stressful events can happen. If your accident has resulted in an injury, medical bills have started to come in the mail. You’re being called by both your insurance company and the other vehicle’s company as well. Your car may be damaged to the point that you can’t get to work or pick your kids up from school. Balko Law believes that your only worry after an auto accident should be for yourself and your loved ones. Allow me to handle the bill collectors and the insurance companies all while I guide you through the process of a claim. I have dealt with them for years and am happy to take that stress away from you. Through the whole process, I will remain in direct contact with you. You will always remain informed on your claim.
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Assisting You With Liability Claims

Insurance companies will drag their feet about who was at fault for a car accident. Accident reports can take as much as two weeks to be publicly available. Let me use my experience to get your auto claim moving forward.

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Assisting You With Medical Bills

It is no secret that medical billing can be very complicated and very stressful. Balko Law has years of experience in dealing with hospitals and health insurance companies. I can help you handle your bills so that you can focus on what is most important – you and your recovery.
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Protecting Your Rights

Insurance companies will contact you after a car accident and say they want to help. The truth is, the insurance company for the other driver involved in your accident is there to protect them. Balko Law will be there to represent you and make sure your rights are protected. 

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